AWA Studios Ready To Launch New Comics With Introductory Video

by Olly MacNamee

Not only have we had the recent announcement for elitist publishers Bad Idea, but this week we have also been reminded that AWA Studios are about to launch their own slate of new titles from some very familiar, and prestigious creators, on March 18th. And they’ll be selling in more than. 20 stores meaning if you like what you see, you can get your hands on your very own floppy copy or digital download. That’s one way of running  business, if you ask me.
Another way is too be on top of your PR game and so we have an introductory video Including the likes of AWA’s Chief Creative Officer, Axel Alonso, Editors, Dulce Montoya and Jaime Coyne as well as creators J. Michael Straczynski, Michael Moreci, Jason Starr, Will Conrad, John Lees, and Dalibor Talajic, AWA Studios have to announce these new series as well as introduce the creative minds on these books. You can watch this below and keep an eye out on AWA’s upcoming titles on their official website here.
It’s an impressive line-up with the like of Frank Cho, Peter Milligan and Ales Kos all signed up to produce comic book series fro AWA Studios in the near future.
You can check out a first look at Straczynski and Mike Deodata series, Resistance #1, here.

Ahead of this new comic book publisher’s launch, we’ll be posting a few previews and first looks, so do keep coming on by these here parts to check these out and see if there’s any that could well find themselves onto your pull list.

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