Review: ‘Black Cat’ #9 Brings Felicia To The Dawn Of X

by Tony Thornley
Cover by J. Scott Campbell and Edgar Delgado

In the middle of Marvel’s fictional island nation of Madripoor sits the Princess Bar, owned by Patch. If that’s not ringing any bells, the cover of Black Cat #9 might be a clue about who Patch is, but that’s just the beginning of the issue’s wild ride.

Jed MacKay, Kris Anka, Brian Reber, and Ferran Delgado take Felicia to Madripoor.

As her partnership with the Fox continues, Felicia finds herself headed to Madripoor to lift a painting owned by a mysterious man named Patch who’s been missing for years. However, someone has beaten her to it, just as Patch returns. Can the Black Cat and the man behind Patch recover his belongings from the horrific child prodigy, Kade Kilgore?!

Since the X-Men’s new status quo was established last fall, the greater Marvel Universe has been incorporating it little by little. Here, MacKay makes one of the biggest leaps into the Dawn of X, thrusting Felicia into middle of one of the main plotlines of Marauders alongside Wolverine. Putting all those elements together result in a very fun issue in the middle of a highly enjoyable run.

Best of all, nothing in the story happens just because. It’s entirely here in service of the larger plotline, with no plot gymnastics to get there. Logan and Felicia have an easy chemistry on page, which translates to a fun read. Kade is a fantastic(and insufferable) antagonist, which MacKay makes more endearing than frustrating (for the story not the character).

Anka’s return to interior line art at Marvel is more than welcome. His Felicia is charming, with a quick smile through the entire story. She’s sexy without falling into unrealistic cheesecake, with some brilliant fashion designs. Logan is angry and small, perfectly in character. Anka plays up the physical differences between the two for some great comedic moments, but also provides an interesting visual contrast on the page.

The Dawn of X has collided with the Black Cat’s world in a big way. It’s not good for Felicia, but it’s great for readers.

Black Cat #9 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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