‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Announces Kefla, UI Goku, And More For Season 3 Pass

by Sage Ashford

Recently, Bandai-Namco announced a third season pass for Dragon Ball FighterZ during their World Tour 2020 Finals; explaining the changes they have planned for the game as well as upcoming characters. The third season will add two characters players have requested for some time, including Ultra Instinct Goku, the current “final form” for the protagonist, and Kefla, the legendary super saiyan that is the fused form of Kale and Caulifla.
Of course, these won’t be the only characters coming with this season pass, as there are three other characters confirmed but as yet not announced for the game. Some datamining of the game has hinted at Omega Shenron as being one of the characters which will make it into the game, implying that the remaining characters will be either from Dragon Ball GT or Dragon Ball Super rather than more Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z characters.
Also, they’re adding the Z Select System, which will allow players to decide a character’s assist attack on their team. Every character will have three assist attacks to pick from. They’ve gone in greater detail below:

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Kefla will be available on February 28th, while Ultra Instinct Goku will be available in the Spring.

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