The Division 2’s Next Expansion: Warlords Of New York

by Sage Ashford

With the third episode of The Division 2’s season pass having been revealed, Ubisoft has decided to give us a glimpse at the next stage in the world of The Division. As mentioned in the expansion’s title, players will be returning to the location of the original game, New York City.  More below:

SHD Agents are being sent to Lower Manhattan in response to a recent biological attack resulting in the death of numerous civilians and SHD Agents. Your job will be to hunt down Aaron Keener who orchestrated the attack and who we believe is planning to launch future attacks. Your mission is to stop Aaron Keener at all costs.

  • New Max Level: 40
  • Map Expansion: Lower Manhattan
    • 4 Named Zones
    • Fog of War – Explore the map to identify points of interest and activities.
    • Wide range of Open World activities as well as new secrets and collectibles to find.
  • Open Ended Campaign
    • Enemies now scale to your level
    • Explore Lower Manhattan without level restrictions
  • Five distinct investigation threads, each linking the main and side missions together and leading you through the narrative.
    • 5 Main Missions
    • 8 Side Missions
    • Main missions and side missions are now linked together.
    • Improved Boss fight mechanics
    • Unique Skill Mod rewards

They’re also introducing a new kind of idea to keep players returning once they’ve finished with the expansion’s storyline with their own take on seasons:

Seasons is a key aspect of the new end-game experience. Each 12 weeks long, a season will task you to hunt down manhunt targets and earn unique rewards in the process. Seasons will become available for all players when reaching Level 40, allowing you to earn a new skill mod and unique seasonal gear and cosmetics by progressing through the seasonal level system. While participating in Seasonal events will yield additional Season XP, all in-game activities will reward Seasonal XP, allowing you to progress through the seasonal track while engaging in the activities of your choosing. In addition, an optional purchase will be available in the in-game store, that increases the overall rewards gained per season. As a top-level overview, a season is a calendar of in-game activities that ensures that you will have new activities to participate in on a weekly basis. In a nutshell, these activities can be categorised into:

  • Seasonal Manhunt Targets
  • Reimagined Global Events
  • Leagues
  • Apparel Events
  • Season Events

Check out some of the gameplay for “Warlords of New York” below.

The Division 2 Episode 3: “Coney Island” is available now, while “Warlords of New York” will be available March 3rd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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