Meet ‘Vagrant Queen’ In First Full Series Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Syfy’s Vagrant Queen joins our galaxy of comic book TV shows on March 27th. And to celebrate, the network has posted the first full trailer for the series. Based on the comic book series created by Magdalene Visaggio and artist Jason Smith, Adriyan Rae stars Elida, a child queen driven from her throne and left to wander the galaxy. Evading the revolutionary forces looking to end her life for many years, a frenemy from her days in court finds her to tell her of her mother’s continued existence. Elida has little choice but to return to her homeworld and stage a rescue. Rozon plays Isaac — the frenemy — and Paul du Toit as Elida’s real enemy, Commander Lazaro.

This looks like fun. Syfy’s somewhat irreverent takes on genre shows are quite endearing and we’ve been looking for something to take Dark Matter‘s place ever since it ended. And, as it happens, there’s sort of a Blake’s 7 vibe to this that we definitely appreciate. Also, we’re big fans of Tim Rozon from Wynonna Earp and his episodes of Lost Girl, so we’ll be glad to see him in a second Syfy show.
Vagrant Queen premieres March 27th on Syfy.

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