Preview: Wally West Must Choose Between Saving The Day, Or Saving His Kids In ‘Fast Forward’ #6

by Olly MacNamee

The final issue of the multiverse-travailing Fast Forward series comes to an end this Wednesday 19th February and all seems like its finally going well fro Wally West. Following up on the fallout from last year’s Heroes in Crisis, Wally West got the surprise of his life last issue when he was reunited with his long-lost children, whom he believed had been wiped from existence.
But, with a moral dilemma of saving the day, or his newfound kids, what will he do? And, after the dust settles, will Wally West one again be a hero, or something else? I have a bad feeling about this, especially when you scope the last image of our preview below.
Flash Forward #6 is written by Scott Lobdell, art by Brett Booth and Norm Rampund, with colors by Luis Guerrero and letters by Troy Peterri.

The finale of Flash Forward is here, and Wally West must make the toughest choice of his life: save the day, or save his family. With the crack in the Dark Multiversal barrier reaching critical mass, Wally’s mettle will be tested in ways the young hero has never seen before…and this surprise ending will leave you speechless!

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