Review: It’s Domino’s Lucky Day In ‘X-Force’ #7 By Percy, Bazaldua And Marvel

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Dustin Weaver

Ever since the foundation of Krakoa, Domino’s had a rough go of things. She’s been captured, maimed, and been completely of her game. X-Force #7 starts to give us some answers as some of Krakoa’s enemies make their moves against the mutant nation.

Benjamin Percy, Oscar Bazaldua, Guru-eFX, Joe Caramagna, and Tom Muller puts Domino front and center.

Someone has been getting very lucky- an assassin has been displaying incredible luck in hits against Krakoa’s allies. Ever since her capture and torture, Domino has felt a drain on her powers, and she’s determined to discover if the two things are connected. It’s an investigation that’s going to lead her into one of the toughest missions she’s ever faced.

I really enjoy the voice that Percy has for Domino here. He finds it quickly- a mixture of the more serious badass of her early years and the snarky self-aware humor of her recent solo series. It centers the story and drives it beyond just being a spy thriller. When that action does switch into high gear though, it’s sharp and exciting, making for an all around enjoyable read.

Bazaldua has been on my radar since his time on Miles Morales. He’s grown a lot as an artist and continues to. He helps us get into Domino’s head, conveying emotion and pathos extremely well. He’s also able to hit the action beats perfectly, giving the issue plenty of thrills. There are still issues with his anatomy (a lot of tiny hands!) but generally it’s strong work.

Domino’s in a tough spot with an enemy that only she alone can defeat. That makes for an exciting read for us.

X-Force #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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