Your First Look ‘The Flash’ #750 With A Story Of Two Worlds By Wolfman, Rossmo And Plascenci

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Howard Porter

We’ve shown you the covers now we’ve got a look at one of the many strips to be included in this special anniversary issue, The Flash #750, by writer Marv Wolfman, artist Riley Rossmo and colorist Ivan Plascenci. in a story entitled “Flash of All Worlds”. Barry races after a familiar foe, but runs right into a trap in the preview below.

Beginning: “The Flash Age”! The story we’ve been building toward since issue #50 comes to a head! While a supercharged Speed Force wreaks havoc on Barry Allen’s life, a new threat appears on the horizon in the form of the deadly Paradox. Destined to destroy the Flash’s legacy, Paradox sends his herald, Godspeed, to trap the Flash family! Plus, in this special anniversary issue: tales from across the generations of super-speedsters by an all-star lineup of writers and artists!

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