IDW Announce New Action Adventure Series ‘Bermuda’ From John Layman And Nick Bradshaw

by Olly MacNamee

With CHEW/Outer Darkness coming from Image Comics, as well as AfterShock’s The Man Who F#&%ed Up Time, it looks like writer John Layman is set for a very busy and productive year with the announcement of new series, Bermuda coming from IDW.

In the Atlantic Ocean, there’s a region where planes disappear, ships are lost, and traveling souls go missing… never to be heard from again. And there’s an island within this place, mysterious and uncharted, an island untouched by time and civilization, where all who are lost end up. Bermuda lives here. She’s 16, scrappy, and a survivor, and this has been the only life she has ever known… until today. She’s discovered something on her Island that will either open a doorway between her world and ours… or destroy them both!

Illustrated by Nick Bradshaw this creative team, and the concept, has me salvaging already. What a team, am I right?
Here’s Layman to give us his take on this new sci-fi mystery adventure blockbuster:

Bermuda is the best Disneyland ride never made. A thrill-ride of nonstop action and adventure, filled with dinosaurs, pirates, crazy creatures and insane soldiers, dark magic and mad science, all on a mysterious beautiful island shrouded in secrets and mystery.

I’ve always been a fan of what Layman does with any genre he explores, whether its the detective genre on CHEW, that grew into a sprawling sci-fi epic no-one saw coming, to his dark take of such shows as Star Trek in Outer Darkness,  so I’ll be looking forward to what he and Bradshaw have to explore in their own take on the Bermuda Triangle legend and the exotic adventures awaiting our teenage heroine when it comes out this May from IDW.

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