Kickstarting Comics: ‘Space Face’ Takes A Very Personal Look At Mike Allred By His Film-Making Son

by Olly MacNamee

Launched this week, and close to reaching it’s halfway mark after only couple of days, is a very personal documentary on the career of Mike Allred by his sone, Han Allred.
Of course, it focusses on Allred’s career and especially his endearing creation Madman, but it’s more than just that. It promises to “explores existential questions,” while also interviewing the likes of Kevin Smith, Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Craig Thompson, Joëlle Jones, and many more.

But, more than just a celebration of Allred’s career in comics, it also delves into his own battles with existential anxiety and psychological suffering, which he first felt at the tender age of just 5 years.
Already started over a year ago, this extra cash will allow Han Allred the chance to finish this film:

To raise the necessary funds to travel outside the Pacific Northwest to shoot the remaining interviews and hire an attorney. If enough extra cash is raised above the initial goal, I would love to pay for color correction and professional sound to ensure the film looks and sounds as phenomenal as possible.
I intend to complete all of the interviews by the end of the summer 2020 and the final cut of the film by the end of 2021. I will update supporters on a regular basis throughout the process.

And, of course, like any Kickstarter, it has rewards for the different pledges you can back. $10 will get you a ‘thanks,’ while $20 will get you an enamel pin, with a bigger pledge getting you more. $120 will get you a pin, a t-shirt, digital download of the soundtrack, and more.

Han Allred with Brian Michael Bendis

Check out all the pledges, and read more about this project by visiting the Space Face campaign page here.

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