‘Sea Of Sorrows’ Is A New Deep Sea Horror Series Announced By IDW, Douek And Cormack

by Olly MacNamee

IDW follow up on their announcement of new action adventure series, Bermuda by John Layman and Nice Bradshaw, with a further two new series and first up for us to inform you of this deep sea saga, Sea of Sorrows, by writer Rich Douek and artist Alex Cormack.

In the aftermath of the Great War, the North Atlantic is ripe for plunder by independent salvage crews. When a former naval officer hires the SS Vagabond, he leads the ship to a sunken U-boat, and a fortune in gold. Tensions mount as the crew prepares to double cross each other, but the darkness of the ocean floor holds deeper terrors than any of them have bargained for!

An underwater adventure, but with the added element of horror, as writer Douek expands upon:

Alex and I are excited to put the same twisted imaginations that brought you Road of Bones to work on new places, new characters, and of course, new heights of unspeakable terror. Get ready for another dark journey into the horrors that lurk within the pages of history.

It would seem that it’s not just  in space that no-one can hear you scream.
Coming soon from IDW this May with a Retailer Incentive variant edition by Katie Sawatsky.

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