DC Comics Encourages You To Mask Up When Buying The Joker And Catwoman 80th Anniversary Specials

by Olly MacNamee

The Joker and Catwoman both celebrate their 80th birthday this year, and as well as marking the occasion with two 100-page spectaculars DC Comics have just released a set of downloadable masks highlighting the many faces of both over the years.
Designed by Ryan Sook, but honourably emulating artists from the past such as Frank Miller, Jim Aparo, Darwyn Cook, Bruce Timm and Greg Capullo, these make will be available for free from comic book stores across the country on release of the two one-shots. Although, with DC Comics encouraging fans to don these masks to celebrate the release of the Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular #1 on April 15th and then choose a Joker mask for the release of The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular #1 on April 27th,  I just hope no-one gets the idea to re-create the closing scene from the Oscar-winning Joker film of last year.
You’ll be able to pick up your choice of masks from your local comic book stores on release of these two specials, but you could always download them and make your own masks. Juts don’t go breaking the law, no matter how tempting when behind the mask of the Clown Prince of Crime. Maybe DC Comics should have stuck to free pins instead?

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