Review: ‘Wolverine’ #1 Is An Epic Return For One Of Marvel’s Greatest

by Tony Thornley

For the last five years, one of Marvel’s greatest heroes has been without a series of his own. Sure, his daughter rightfully took the spotlight, and we had his alternate universe self. However, finally, the one and only original Wolverine returns to his own series!

Benjamin Percy, Adam Kubert, Viktor Bogdanovic, Frank Martin, Matthew Wilson, Cory Petit and Tom Muller bring Wolverine’s Dawn of X debut to life in Wolverine #1, out now from Marvel.

In two full length stories, Wolverine makes his big return. First, an X-Force investigation into a street drug made from Krakoan flowers leads to Wolverine waking up covered in blood and amnesiac. Then, the birth of the mutant nation has emboldened the vampire nation, and the key to their plans is none other than Wolverine!

Percy has already shown how well he understands Logan in the pages of X-Force and his work on the two Wolverine audio drama podcasts, but he proves it here. He gets Wolverine on a fundamental level, but also plays with how the hope that’s come with Krakoa has changed him.

However, he also plays with the new toys that the Dawn of X has given him. Where the opening scene is a classic trope of “things are not how they appear” this gets a new spin, because Logan is surrounded by dead bodies, and they truly are his friends. Thanks to Krakoa though, we know that Jean, Domino and Quire are coming back though. And the second story takes some classic X-Men tropes, and adds several new twists especially with Logan’s relationship to vampires.

As fun as the writing is, the art is absolutely stellar. Kubert is one of the most essential Wolverine artists in the character’s history, and he shows how perfectly he still understands the character here especially with Martin’s colors bringing it to life. Even when Logan is happy, we see him as the grouchy curmudgeon, with a bit of the warrior and beast both sticking through. But when the action kicks in, he paces it perfectly, and he moves the characters across the page perfectly.

Bogdanovic and Wilson put in great work as well. Their pages have a very cartoony energy but they don’t cross the line into making it actually feel like a cartoon. They make the vampires extremely menacing and Wolverine himself has a great presence on the page.

This is a great return for the original best-there-is and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Wolverine #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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