Sickness Takes You Home: ‘Vampirella #8’ Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Benny the Witch is at the mercy of a self-proclaimed vampire named Tanto. This “vampire” is the shamanic leader of his village and many seem to be under his sway. However, the children don’t seem to take Tanto too seriously and they talk with Benny. Meanwhile, Vampirella finds herself back on Drakulon, her home planet. The planet is in decay, victim of a blood-drought and subsequent economic collapse. Beggars assail Vampirella and she meets with a senator who tells her that this is all her vault. However, ‘Ella isn’t really on Drakulon: she’s under the thrall of the Host and its “Saint,” Leger.

Vampirella #8 cover by Denys Cowan, Kent Williams, and Chris Sotomayor
Vampirella #8 cover by Denys Cowan, Kent Williams, and Chris Sotomayor

Vampirella #8 finds our hero and her friend at the mercy of powerful forces, whether it be a self-proclaimed vampire shaman or a space bacteria capable of controlling sentient beings.
It’s a fairly strange issue, even for this run of Vampirella. Benny’s adversary in Tanto is portrayed as almost innocent and misguided despite the brutality he intends to enact upon Benny. Benny is more interested in studying Tanto than stopping the ritual.
Meanwhile, Vampirella is at the mercy of some kind of sentient super-bacteria that has taken control of Leger and made him his “Saint.” Leger is portrayed as a victim in his station and Vampirella has no intent of hurting him. 
It’s an odd issue for sure, but it still manages to be engaging. We don’t get a return appearance from Dr. Chary in this issue though.
Ergün Gündüz and Giovanni Timpano render this issue as well and both artists provide an appealing aesthetic for Vampirella, with Timpano contrasting Gündüz using a more shaded and even a little gritty. Flavio Dispenza and Gündüz give the book a solid color treatment, imbuing the story with a nice visual atmosphere.
Vampirella #8 is a peculiar issue that finds our hero and Benny the Witch victim of unforeseen forces. There’s not a lot of tension despite the presence of these threats, but the dialogue, pacing, and character work largely makes up for that. This one still gets a solid recommendation. Feel free to check it out.
Vampirella #8 comes to us from writer Christopher Priest, artists Ergün Gündüz and Giovanni Timpano, color artists Ergün Gündüz and Flavio Dispenza, letterer Willie Schubert, cover artist Denys Cowan with Kent Williams and Chris Sotomayor, and variant cover artists Alitha Martinez; Mark Beachum; Afua Richardson; Fay Dalton; Guillem March; and Ergün Gündüz.
Final Score: 7/10

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