Bad Idea Have A Half-Decent Idea For ComicsPRO Attendeed This Weekend

by Olly MacNamee

Claiming to have been ‘inundated’ with request from comic book stores to stock the first line-up of titles coming from elitist publishers Bad Idea, this new upstart will now aim to stock their books in 50 stores now, rather than wait till the end of the year. That’s good news for some, but not for the many.
But, this is good news, right? After all, they’re now expanding to 50 stores now, rather than in the future and, if there is enough demand at this weekend’s ComicsPRO meet-up, that could expand even more, if they are willing to, “agree to the criteria and rules for participation” which includes includes, “prominent in-store placement for Bad Idea comics, some truly galling and gauche promotional displays, and strictly enforced ‘limit one per customer'”.
If you are a retailer heading to ComicsPRO this weekend, you may find that even if you don’t make the cut this time, you could well be added to the waiting list. Er, sorry, the ‘subsequent wave’ of retailers.
Anyone would think this was a planned move. Either that, or the realisation that their bad idea hasn’t landed well with readers, reviews or us bloggers out there. Were an easily aggravated bunch, after all.
I’ll be keeping my eyes out for future developments on your behalf.

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