Katy Nurses A Broken Heart In A Preview Of Next Week’s ‘Katy Keene’

by Rachel Bellwoar

After last week’s episode Katy (Lucy Hale) and K.O.’s break-up doesn’t come as a surprise, but it is saying something that the show delivered on Katy’s spoiler so soon… or did it? While the trailer doesn’t suggest a reconciliation of any kind, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of K.O. Kelly (Zane Holtz).

Looks like it’s not going to be a clean break-up after all, and the more’s the pity for it. As much as K.O. has been the focus these past few episodes, we’re still no more clear about who he is than we were in the pilot. The problem isn’t that he’s a nice guy – it’s that, outside of being Katy’s boyfriend and a boxer, the show has done little to expand on his character. Even meeting his family told us nothing about him – just that Katy is close with his mother, June (Becky Ann Baker). Like Josie (Ashleigh Murray), we don’t know their history, so it’s hard to say whether Katy’s making the right call, but at least the show was going to get the chance to move on – for Josie to drag Riverdale some more and Katy to focus on her career. Next week’s not looking good on either front.
Katy Keene airs Thursdays on The CW.

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