‘The Flash’ #750: All The Covers With Era-Appropriate Logos Revealed

by Olly MacNamee

1940s cover by Nicola Scott

We’ve already given you a look at the bare variant covers fro the anniversary edition and legacy numbering for The Flash #750, out March 4th from DC Comics, but now they’ve been given the appropriately designed title and accompanying trade dressing for the appropriate decade the cover celebrates. Check ’em all out below and remember to ask your local comic book store for the cover you want. With the inclusion of the classic 60s checkerboard that adorned DC Comics, I’m even more keen to get my hands on that Derrington cover than ever before. Have you picked the cover you’ll be aiming to pick up?
1950s cover by Gary Franks

1960s cover by Nick Derrington

1970s cover by Jose Garcia-Lopez

1980s cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto

1990s cover by Francesco Mattina

2000s cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams

2010s by Frances Manapul

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