Art For Art’s Sake #41: It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Madman World… And Comics Is All The Better For It

by Richard Bruton

Time for another spin round the comic Internet, presenting the best comic art I’ve seen this week. New, old, familiar, unknown… all that matters is that it’s fabulous. Now enjoy!
Wonder Woman #750 1990s variant cover – Brian Bolland 

Fabulously sinewy Spidey – Daniel Warren Johnson

And a beautifully sketchy looking Spider-man – again by Daniel Warren Johnson

Brendan McCarthy sketch – ‘The Walking Dredd’ – a series we’d love to see!

Fresh Romance cover – Kevin Wada

Random Kevin Nowlan Strange-Tales cover… because you can never have enough Kevin Nowlan

Tom Gauld – another one of his fabulous The New Yorker cover series

Harley – Jeff Dekal

Jae Lee variant – The Flash #62

Kyle BakerDick Tracy Forever #1, IDW, 2019 (Via The Bristol Board)

Fred Hembeck – Spider-Man

Stephanie Hans variant – The Web of Black Widow #2

Jaime Hernandez and Mike Allred on Doom Patrol #1:

And a Richard Sala Doom Patrol…

Captain Marvel by Peach Momoko

Paul Pope on Madman

Alex Toth on Madman

Which brings me to the finale this time round, celebrating Mike Allred‘s incredible Madman, a series, a character that’s been around since I first met him in Creatures of the Id back in 1990..

And of course, with any mention of Mike Allred, we have to mention Laura Allred, colorist and wife, and no doubt one of the biggest reasons Allred is so damn good… this is the much-missed Darwyn Cooke with his tribute strip ‘Laura’…


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