Iron Circus Delays Some Titles Due To Coronavirus

by James Ferguson

The Coronavirus has effectively locked down China and that’s having an effect on the global economy. It’s even affecting the comic book industry. Indie publisher Iron Circus Comics has been forced to delay some of the titles scheduled for release in early 2020 due to the outbreak where many of its print service providers are located. As the situation worsens, nearly every title will miss its original publication date. The below titles scheduled for release from February through July will be moved to a later release date:

  • BANNED BOOK CLUB by Ryan Estrada, Kim Hyun Sook, and Ko Hyung-Ju (original: February / tentative: May)
  • THE NIXIE OF THE MILL POND ed. by Kell McDonald and Kate Ashwin (original: April / tentative: May)
  • THE HARROWING OF HELL by Evan Dahm (original: March)
  • SOFTIES by Kyle Smeallie (original: March)
  • SMUT PEDDLER PRESENTS: SILVER ed. by Andrea Purcell (original: May)
  • IT’S YOUR FUNERAL by Emily Riesbeck and Ellen Kramer (original: June)
  • PENULTIMATE QUEST by Lars Brown (original: July)
  • STUDENT AMBASSADOR by Ryan Estrada and Axur Eneas (original: July)

New release dates will be announced once Iron Circus confirms that their vendors in China are safe, healthy, and able to return to work.

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