Super Sunday (Part 3): Preview ‘Far Sector’ #4 By Jemisin, Campbell And Young Animal

by Olly MacNamee

Jo Mullein is not the first character of color to wield the mighty Green Lantern ring, but she’s the most recent. In Far Sector #4 by N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell, we learn more about her ring and what makes it so unique. Check out our preview below:

With the so-called Peace Division firing upon the protesters it’s meant to protect, new Green Lantern Jo Mullein devises a novel solution to bring the chaos to a close – one that causes the rookie Lantern to run afoul of the City Enduring’s leadership council. Meanwhile, we learn more about Jo’s recruitment into the Green Lantern Corps, and the nature of her mysterious and unique power ring.

Far Sector #4 is out 02.26.20202 from DC Comics/Young Animal

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