Preview: Peter Porker Goes Old School Disney In ‘Spider-Ham’ #3 By Wells, Robson And Marvel

by Olly MacNamee

Spider-Ham is transformed into an old-school version of himself that smacks of Steamboat Willy as inspiration. The result is a far rubbery looking Peter Porker in Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham #3, out this February 26th 2020 from Marvel, writer Zeb Well, artist Will Robson, colorist Erick Ariniega and letterer Joe Caramanga. A fun book with a great pedigree working on it.

LET’S DO THE HAM WARP AGAIN! What’s a Ham Warp? We don’t know, but this third issue of SPIDER-HAM is an interdimensional delight! Spider-Ham just can’t catch a break! First SPIDER-MAN crashes his solo adventure…and now they’re trapped in the past! Somebody’s gotta bring home the bacon!

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