Battle of SNK Heavyweights: The King Of Fighters Vs. Samurai Showdown

by Gary Catig

The mobile video game, The King of Fighters Allstar, has had some of their limited events incorporate other fighting games. Last November, developer, Netmarble, partnered with Bandai Namco’s Tekken. From February 25 to March 16, a fellow SNK fighting game will enter the fray.
Fresh off of the recent reboot, Samurai Showdown will have some of its members available for a short time. During the entirety of the event, fan favorites, Haohmaru and Nakoruru can be collected while Genjuro and Charlotte will only be obtainable from March 3rd to 16th. Additionally, legacy warriors, Tachibana Ukyo and Amakusa can be collected by finishing limited-timed events. Check out the updates and features below:
Samurai Shodown Events:
o   Super Mission – Players can collect Tachibana Ukyo and earn special cards, souls, and various growth items for the Fighter
o   Score Dungeon – By completing the Dungeon, players will earn coins to exchange for Amakusa alongside affinity items and other growth items
o   Time Attack – Players can play with Samurai Shodown fighters with the limited-time Time Attack mode
o   Access Event – Samurai Shodown-themed Battle Card tickets, Gold, Souls, and Growth Items are available as daily log-in rewards
Other Updates:
o   Players can collect ’98 Mai Shiranui via a special Roulette Event
o   An additional chapter of the Epic Quest launches on March 4

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