Preview: Dark Secrets Abound In ‘Ravencroft’ #2 By Tieri, Luis And Unzueta

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Dan Brown and Kyle Holtz

A rebuilt institute for the criminally insane that isn’t Arkham Asylum? It must, therefore, be none other than Marvel’s very own Ravenscroft.  Well, if DC Comics can swipe Marvel Zombies wholesale, why can’t Marvel do some plagiarism of its own, right? Well, Ravenscroft #2 comes out next week as this new series continues to develop and establish a new, dark cover of the Marvel 616 from Frank Tieri, José Luís and Angel Unzueta. Out 02.26.2020 from Marvel.

Ravencroft is open for business! But with the secrets revealed in RUINS OF RAVENCROFT in the open, the Institute is more dangerous than ever. Can John Jameson right the ship before it’s too late?

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