Review: The Reign Of The Olsens Begins In ‘Jimmy Olsen’ #8!

by Tony Thornley

Jimmy Olsen’s life has been complicated for the last year to say the least. Now, it’s even more complicated when four Jimmy look-alikes pop up in Metropolis! Are any of them the real deal?

Matt Fraction, Steve Lieber, Nathan Fairbairn, and Clayton Cowles continue to complicate Jimmy’s life in Jimmy Olsen #8

The Reign of the Olsens makes headlines in Metropolis! The Jimmy Olsen fanclub faces the great threat they’ve ever encountered- a cease and desist! And all that doesn’t matter to Jimmy himself as everything that’s been building up for the last few months literally crash onto his lap!

This series really gets harder and harder to discuss with each issue, but it also gets better. The first half of the issue is a quirky farce, which Fraction and Lieber packs full of gags. The highlight by far is the fanclub, with a bunch of mini Jimmys of all shapes, colors and sizes. However, it also begins pointing at the most likely culprit for who’s had the hit out on Jimmy.

The second half of the issue is an escalating comedy of errors, with more and more getting piled on Jimmy’s situation until it explodes into an uproarious climax, with Lieber and Fairbairn filling the pages with as much chaos as he can, and Fraction cracking joke after joke, while driving the plot ridiculously forward.

This continues to be one of DC’s best current series. It’s a delight to read every month, and I really hope to see it continue in some form after the initial twelve issue run ends.

Jimmy Olsen #8 is available now from DC Comics.

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