SWAG Adventures: A Wonder Full Evening At The Comic-Con Museum And The Art Of WonderCon

by Gary Catig

Last Wednesday served as the opening night for “Sense of Wonder: The Art of WonderCon Anaheim” over at the Comic-Con Museum. The exhibit featured the cover art of all the program books created for the California based show. The work of several popular artists from the comic industry was on full display including behind the scene peeks of the process and the finished products.

Process and Final Art by Ryan Sook
Process Art by Cliff Chiang
Cover by Babs Tarr
Cover by Jim Lee
Cover by Jason Fabok
Process Art by Michael Cho

The program book cover of this year’s convention was also unveiled for the first time with artwork provided by Jen Bartel. It’s a very stunning Wonder Woman piece and incorporating the con’s title into the Lasso of Truth was a nice touch.

Afterwards there was a creator spotlight panel focusing on the 2020 cover artist. It covered how she broke into the industry and her artistic style, influences and process. It was pretty interesting to learn how she went about designing her superhero themed shoes she developed for Adidas and Puma. There was even a little bit of news dropped including an unannounced creator owned title she’s doing with writer, Saladin Ahmed. Also, there are no current plans for more Blackbird, her Image title with Sam Humphries, because of her busy schedule.

Those lucky enough to attend the event walked away with some good SWAG. They handed out small buttons for the Comic-Con Museum and each attendee received an autographed poster of the new WonderCon program book cover. Bartel was even nice enough to host a signing after her panel.

WonderCon will be held this year from April 10 – 12 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Badges are currently on sale.

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