Bad Idea’s Bad PR ‘Celebrity’ Packed ComicsPRO Video In Full

by Olly MacNamee

Bad Idea may be limiting its opening salvo of books to only 50 stores who are willing to do what Bad Idea tell them if they want to sell their comics, but they certainly aren’t skimping on their PR.
One of the talking points from last week’s ComicsPRO retailer summit – alongside the bigger but unintentional breaking news of Dan Didio’s departure from DC Comics, that is – was the video presented by Bad Idea to retailers in attendance with plenty of supposed ‘star’ power attached. But, I;m not convinced. I mean, it’s not the most persuasive of selling points when your video opens up with James Van Der Beek proclaiming he doesn’t read comic books, but if he did he would read Bad Idea’s “brand-type” comics.
A very unconvincing PR stunt, I’m afraid, with some very irrelevant ‘stars’ too. Was this filmed in the 1990s do you think? Judge for yourself as you sit through the likes of Morgan Fairchild, Peter Weller and Eric Roberts try and sell you comics most of us won’t be able to get our hands on anyway.

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