Wally West Returns On The Next Episode Of The Flash

by Erik Amaya

The Flash is taking a week off. But when it returns, Keiynan Lonsdale returns with it as Wally West! Unfortunately, as this preview for the next episode indicates, his trip to Central City is not just a family reunion. There’s a problem in the Speed Force and Wally suspects Barry (Grant Gustin) of being the cause. Did The Flash break the universe again?

Of course, one has to wonder if Sherloque’s (Tom Cavanagh) warning to Nash (also Cavanagh) may lead to the real source of Speed Force troubles. Then again, the Black Zero of the comics was invested in weaponizing the Speed Force, so this could be part of their plan. Or maybe its the next step in Mirror Iris’s (Candace Patton) search for answers.
Creating Mirror doppelgangers is an interesting power to give the Mirror Master and we’re curious to see where it goes. It seems she’s only interested in getting to her ex-husband, but considering the master deception she’s playing on the real Iris, almost anything is in play. It almost makes one want to see her chat with the Reverse-Flash.
Meanwhile, it is interesting to note just how much of the season is addressing the fallout of the Crisis. The main cast all remember the old Multiverse, with characters like Kamilla (Victoria Park) and Allegra (Kayla Compton) at least aware of the change. Grodd also declared he was unaffected by the Crisis, but noted he sensed the presence of Gorilla City on Earth-Prime. As the anchor show, The Flash is probably in the best place to continue examining Post-Crisis fallout, but you to have to wonder how long it can mine that material.
The Flash returns March 10th on The CW.

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