Preview: The Super-Powered Legion Of Daxam Threaten Earth In ‘Justice League’ #42 From DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

While the Justice League may have escaped the clutches of the Eradictor and his gang of Daxamites in the previous issue, they seem to have left Wonder Woman behind. Now, does that spell bad news for her, or for the Eradicator?Here’s a preview of next week’s Justice League #42 from writer Robert Venditti, artists Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan and colorist David Baron, out March 4th 2020.

The Justice League suffers defeat after defeat in the ever-tightening grip of the Eradicator. But do the heroes have a greater plan?  It’s up to the Flash to outwit and outrun the onslaught of Daxamites, but his next step may be his last.

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