PAX East 2020: ‘No Straight Roads’ Gameplay Preview

by Tito W. James

The first day at Pax East 2020 was a chance to get lost in a sea of new game developers. But it seemed every other indie game was an arcade-inspired, side-scroller Metroidvania in a pixel art style. I joked with a friend that I’ll just have to wait for “colorful stylized action platformers” to come back in fashion among indie developers.

Nevertheless, it appears that my prayers were answered in the form of No Straight Roads, an action adventure game created by Wan Hazmer (Final Fantasy XV) and Daim Dziauddin (Street Fighter V).

Players take control of either Mayday or Zuke to enact a musical revolution against an evil EDM corporation. I got my hands on the gampley demo and was able to fight a giant musical boss that filled up the entire screen.

The gameplay revolves around bringing gun-turrets to life by playing guitar and collecting musical notes that can be fired as projectiles. Even with the short demo and limited features, the gameplay was incredibly fun and the characters displayed oodles of charm.

I was easily won over by No Straight Roads art-style, gameplay, and characters. So if you’re bummed about the Psychonauts 2 delays, don’t fret. No Straight Roads is going to rock your world!

You can keep up to date with No Straight Roads on their website.

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