Super Sunday (Part 1): All The Art And All The Covers From C2E2 X-Men ‘X Of Swords’ Panel

by Olly MacNamee

How could we not start off this X-Men related Super Sunday without a check in with this weekend’s big comic-con, C2E2, where on Friday afternoon Johnathan Hickman and fellow panelists, X-Men editor Jordan White, writers Leah Williams, Vita Ayala, Gerry Duggan, Benjamin Percy, and Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski, announced the X-Men’s next mega-crossover, Swords of X – as covered by our very own man-on-the-scene – Noah Sharma. A saga hoping to stand right up there alongside some of the X-Men’s most memorable epics such as the 70s Phoenix Saga, 80s classic Mutant Massacre and the 90s Age of Apocalypse. Will this be the standout saga of this decade already?

In this sprawling saga, the new mutant nation of Krakoa faces their biggest challenge yet. Threatened by powerful forces from the unknown, ten mutants will rise up to defend their home. Arming themselves with legendary blades, both new and familiar ones from Marvel history, mutantkind will finally meet its mystical destiny. Impacting the entire X-Men franchise and setting the stage for the future of mutantkind, X of Swords will be a modern X-Men epic that both longtime and new X-Men fans dare not miss.

Alongside this breaking news, we also have all of the art, and in high-res, from that panel to share with you this afternoon.

Cover to Cable #8 by Phil Noto

Will it be on a par with previously well-loved sagas of the past I wonder? With Hickman on the case, I think it just might be. Here’s Hickman, from the panel, to explain more about this news X-men epic in the making:

One of the cool things we are able to do now, because we’ve established the X-line and really know where we’re going, is that we’re able to try some different things out. X of Swords will be an old school crossover that meanders through the entire line. It’s almost like chapters of a story.

X of Swords is coming your way this July and throughout the summer months, only from Marvel. But, it was certainly not the only news to share with C2E2 attendees as they also got a forts look at new X-series, Children of the Atom:

Children of the Atom #1 by Bernard Chang

As well as this, the panelist shared a number of covers and first look at upcoming issue of Dawn of X titles such as Excalibur #12, Wolverine #4 and New Mutants #9 . Check ’em all out below:

Excalibur #12 cover by Mahmud Asrar

Art by Alan Davis

Art by Alan Davis

Art by Stefano Caselli

New Mutants #12 Cover by Mike del Mundo

New Mutants #9 art by Flaviano

Wolverine #2 art by Adam Kubert

Wolverine #4 first look by Adam Kubert

X-Factor #3 Cover by Ivan Shavrin

X-Force #12 cover by Dustin Weaver

X-Force #9 art by Joshua Cassara

X-Men #8 Interior Pages by Mahmud Asrar

Hellions #4 cover by Stephan Segovia


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