Super Sunday (Part 2): Previewing ‘Excalibur’ #8 As The Search For Starlight Citadel Continues

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Mahmud A. Asrar

Our first preview of the afternoon is Excalibur #8. But don’t expect too much. Offering up the most slender of previews for X-titles seems to be something of a pattern at Marvel at the moment. Hence, a mere two pages and a cover for Excalibur #8, coming out on Wednesday March 4th by Tini Howard and Wilton Santos with a cracking Mahmud A. Asrar cover. It’s also the shortest synopsis I’ve read in a while too. Check ’em both out below.

Excalibur emerges from the woods with a journey before them. Their destination: Starlight Citadel.



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