Super Sunday (Part 5): A Fan Favorite Returns In ‘New Mutants’ #8 Reviewed

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Rod Reis

The Dawn of X has opened up numerous possibilities, and one of the best has been the return of long lost characters. New Mutants #8 brings back one of the most unusual fan favorites.

Ed Brisson, Marco Failla, Carlos Lopez, Travis Lanham, and Tom Muller reintroduce us to Nova Roma.

Something is hunting mutants on the outskirts of Nova Roma. Magma leads Boom Boom and Armor to find the hunters and rescue the endangered mutants. What is hunting them and can they stop it before the girls are the next victims?

Brisson tells a story that’s light and fun. It excels in establishing a friendship between the three main characters, who to my knowledge have never interacted on-page before. The conflict is slight, but threatening enough that it makes for entertaining action. In short, it’s an entertaining popcorn issue- satisfying and fun, but not a huge impactful issue.

Failla continues to progress as an artist. His figure work is a bit more sketchy than in the past, which adds some grit to the story. He also does some great design work with the creatures, making them threatening and adding enough familiar elements that they’re unsettling. Lopez’s colors are very bright, and which adds to the lighter feel of the issue.

This was a fun pallate cleanser issue. It’s totally worth picking up for fun superhero action and well done character work.

New Mutants #8 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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