An Iraqi Girl Overcomes The Horrors Of Her Past In ‘Yasmeen’

by James Ferguson

Scout Comics has announced Yasmeen, a new six-issue mini-series following an Iraqi teenage girl through two periods of her life. Written by Saif A. Ahmed, illustrated by Fabiana Mascolo, and lettered by Robin Jones, Yasmeen centers on the title character before and after she’s captured and sold into slavery by ISIS.

Writer Saif A. Ahmed says:

I am honored to join Scout Comic’s amazing team of creators. I am also very excited to tell a story that gives a real depiction of refugees where I based a lot of the main characters’ dynamics, clothes and look off my own family and families I know. This story of a modern tragedy, where a pure force of evil subjected tens of thousands of young women to slavery, is told from the personal point of view of the protagonist, Yasmeen, who represents thousands of real-life brave women who didn’t need superpowers to be called heroes. Despite the harsh subject, the focus will not be on the actual violence and sexual assault, but rather on the aftermath and its influence on the victims.

Yasmeen was a normal, happy 16-year-old, forced to dig deep to find the courage within herself to endure slavery after getting captured and sold by ISIS soldiers. We jump ahead two years when she comes out as a different person, unable to connect to the things she loved before. Needless to say, she struggles to return to a normal life with her family as a refugee in a foreign country.
No specific release date has been set for Yasmeen, but we can probably expect it later this year.

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