Oni Press Brings Multiple Webcomics To Print This Summer

by James Ferguson

A few webcomics are making the jump to your local comic shop this summer thanks to Oni Press. The publisher has announced some collections of online material, following up from the releases of Valerie Minelli’s Mrs. Frollein and the all-new omnibus editions of Chris Onstad’s Achewood.

First up, due out in May is Kyle Latino’s Savage Beard of She Dwarf, a fun young adult fantasy webcomic that follows a lonely dwarf searching for her place in the world. The title character believes she’s the last dwarf in existence and she hopes to find evidence to prove herself wrong. This sets her out on a mission to find the lost dwarven city of Dammerung. The only problem is that this isn’t on any map and will not be easily found. Oh, and some strong forces are standing in her way. Joined by war barbarian Hack Battler, She Dwarf faces vengeful shorcs, sludge demons, mutant bear monsters and more.
Series creator Kyle Latino says:

That scrappy little webcomic I drew is gonna be an honest, for-real graphic novel!  Don’t that just beat all!  All seven chapters of the Savage Beard of She Dwarf will be printed in luscious color and hit store shelves next spring!  I couldn’t have done it without the support of my readers. THANK YOU ALL!

Coming in June, Oni Press will collection Branson Reese’s Hell Was Full for the first time. The dark and hilarious webcomic will be published with the infamous alt text and a whole bunch of brand-new material. The comic features a group of raccoons gnawing on God’s severed head, a man bragging to his friend about driving a Transformer out of its own funeral, a toaster revolting against its master and more.
Creator Branson Reese says:

On a scale of one to ‘ah oh my god holy shit!’ I’m off the charts excited for this collection of comics to hit unsuspecting bookshelves nationwide. Working with Oni Press and especially Amanda Meadows has been a dream come true. They’ve taken my -frankly- disgusting little fever dreams and turned them into an extremely beautiful book. Oh man. You’re just gonna flip for this book, I tell ya! Hell of a book!

Finally, in August, indie comics darling Frankie Comics from Rachel Dukes gets collected for the first time in a full-color hardcover edition. The comic follows real-life artist couple Rachel and Mike as they discover a kitten asleep in their doorway, immediately falling prey to her charms. The new queen of their home is a blue point Siamese cat named Frankie. She steals snacks, makes mischief, and takes snuggling very seriously, while also proving over and over again that feline companions bring some wholesome joy.
Creator Rachel Dukes says:

I started Frankie Comics to amuse myself during a period of isolation in my final year of grad school, and its popularity as a webcomic took me by complete surprise. Creating Frankie, meeting fans, and befriending other cat enthusiasts has changed my life, truly. Years on, I’m so excited and happy to be releasing a remastered, full-color collection of the series for a new generation of readers – I could purr!

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