PAX East: ‘Marvel Future Revolution’ Is Marvel’s First Open World Mobile RPG

by Gary Catig

Previously, Netmarble and Marvel teased an announcement of a new mobile game at this year’s PAX East. After the Marvel Mystery Panel at the gaming culture festival, we’ve learned a bit more details about Marvel Future Revolution.
The title features an all-new original storyline that features many of the popular comic heroes and villains in this open world mobile RPG. Writer, Marc Sumerak, creates a world where multiple Earths are converging across all dimensions to form an entirely new, “Primary Earth”. Players assume the role of an agent of the ‘Omega Flight’ superhero team. They’ll partner with other players to battle an onslaught of villains, confront their suspicious behavior and defend the universe.
At the panel, attendees saw a fully realized, 3-D open world with AAA quality graphics. Gamers will assume the role of various versions of iconic characters like Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and more. They will also visit familiar locations including Xandearth and Sakaar.
Check out the first trailer below.

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