Review: What Does The “H” Really Stand For ‘In Dial H For Hero’ #12?

by Tony Thornley

To many people, superhero comics are defined by the brawls and dust-ups between heroes and villains. But there’s more to it than just that, and Dial H for Hero not only redefines heroism, but also the meaning behind the decades old DC Comics concept.

Sam Humphries, Joe Quinones, Jordan Gibson, and Dave Sharpe bring the adventure to a close in Dial H for Hero #12.

Miguel and Summer are trapped in the K-Zone, a Black Hole within the multiverse. Mister Thunderbolt is about to rewrite all of reality, all time and space. Can the two escape in time to save the day? More importantly, can they overcome the damage done to their relationship to do it?

Humphries tells an action adventure story that’s light on the punching and heavy on the bonds of friendship and the power of hope. It’s an unexpected ending to the story, but it fits the unusual ride they’ve been on. It’s funny, charming, and gets meta-textual in the best ways. It’s the perfect ending to the series, and sets the duo up to be an important part of the DCU in the future.

Quinones continues his streak of fantastic work, with Gibson kicking the story to the next level. Though Quinones doesn’t get to use some of the cool tropes of earlier in the series, such as the secret origins, he still cuts loose, imitating the styles of everyone from CC Beck, to John Romita, to the Bros. Hernandez. Gibson cuts loose, surrounding the characters in color and effects. It’s a gorgeous issue and I’m sad to see the series end.

This series is a classic and I hope to see it return in the near future.

Dial H for Hero #12 is available now from DC Comics.

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