John Tyler Christopher Reveals ‘Han Solo Imperial Stormtrooper Action Figure Variant’ Cover

by Olly MacNamee

Why John Tyler Christopher (JTC) has never thought about illustrating Han Solo in his stolen Imperial Stormtrooper uniform is astounding, but I’m glad he has now for Star Wars #74.
Taking pre-orders from 6pm on March 12th EST onwards, JTC has limited this must-have cover to 3000 with 9.6 or better from both CGC & CBCS graded books available too.  He expects to start shipping on March 17th.

Now, JTC’s accompanying text that comes with every new announcement is always a heart-felt one, but in this particular release he seemed to have had a few problems have couldn’t go into (“certain legal matters and requests which put me in a pickle”), but I’m sure me and all of his fans wish him the best now and fr the future. Having had the privilege of spending a busy afternoon with him and his family, I can attest to the warm, kind, generous guy he is. All the best, John.
For your chance to order a copy of Han Solo Imperial Stormtrooper Outfit Action Figure Variant Star Wars #74 (phew, that was a mouthful), hadr over to JTC’s official site here.

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