Duncan Jones And Alex De Campi Tease New Sci-Fi Graphic Novel Sequel To ‘Moon’ And ‘Mute’

by Olly MacNamee

One Friday morning back in 2019 Duncan Jones put a Twitter call-out for artists to illustrate a sequence from the as yet unmade third film in the Moon/Mute trilogy. The Twitterverse wasn’t slow to answer and now, nearly a year later, we get the first inklings as to what exactly this project has become.

If I understand it correctly, Jones originally wanted the chosen three to chose a moment from the script to the third film in his trilogy and illustrate it. Now, it would seem, this Twitter originated shout-out has morphed into a full fledged graphic novel with Alex de Campi and a whole host of artists who will, it seems, help illustrate the third and final part of Jones’s planned sci-fi trilogy to be called MADI: Once Upon a Time in the Future.
Only one page has been released, but it looks amazing. But then, it is by sci-fi artist extraordinaire, Dylan Teague.

Judging by this one-pager, it has the feel of a classic Humanoids, or Metal Hurlant stylesci-fi saga to it. It also has a rather splendid line-up too; all voted for by the public. Wow, why can’t democracy in action always result in such a win? Only in comics, it would seem. Also invoked are the likes of heavyweight comic book veterans, and relative newcomers, such as Duncan Fegredo, Glenn Fabry, LRNZ, Ed Ocaña, André Araujo, Scott Hampton, Rosemary, Valero-O’Connell and more.
Obviously, we’ll keep our eye on this interesting new graphic novel project and bring you all the news when we hear anything.

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