Johns And Fabok’s ‘Three Jokers’ Will Finally Be Released This Summer – With No Delays

by Olly MacNamee

With Doomsday Clock now well and truly in the rear view mirror, there’s still one piece of the puzzle still missing. Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok’s Three Jokers series that’s been a very long time coming.
Well, it’s finally, finally going to arrive this summer.
Revealing the three covers to this new 3 issue mini-series to Entertainment Weekly, Johns has promised that there will be no more delays. Never having done a ‘Batman vs Joker’ storyline – something every writer working for DC Comics dreams about as a career goal, I imagine – Johns will be pilfering through the classics to give us his Three Jokers mystery, including classic takes on the Joker such as seen in The Killing Joke, A Death on the Family and more. But, it’s certainly Alan Moore’s work that informs the book more than any other source text it would seem, according to Fabok, who told the following:

We made a choice right from the beginning that we would base the look of our book around what Brian did in The Killing Joke… Fans who have read The Killing Joke, you’re gonna see some familiar panels, you’re gonna see some familiar-looking things, like the Batcave. My thinking was almost, okay, years have passed so Batman has upgraded his Batcave from what he had originally in The Killing Joke, but the same bones are there.

So, why so long, Geoff?

One of the reasons I’ve never done one before is because there are so many amazing ones, so I was only gonna do one if it was different and surprising and looked at the Joker and the meaning of the Joker and his effect on Batman and his family in a new way. We’re not introducing a multiverse of Jokers, we’re not out to change these characters forever, but we are turning over some rocks about these characters and their relationships.

Doesn’t really explain such along delay, really. Nit when he was clearly panning this at the same time as Doomsday Clock. But then, he does have other commitments these days, so I can imagine how comic book work has suffered. Still, I’m sure we’ll be all looking forward to it come the summer. Now, check out the Entertainment Weekly watermarked first look at some very The Killing Joke looking pages, as Fabok promised.

Three Jokers will be colored by Brad Anderson and lettered by Rob Lee with the first issue out on June 17th from DC Comics.

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