Taskmaster Gets The Spotlight In Final ‘Black Widow’ Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Marvel Studios has unleashed one last Black Widow trailer with an emphasis on Nat’s (Scarlett Johansson) new antagonist, Taskmaster. Well, old antagonist as the film takes place before Avengers: Infinity War and this trailer implies they have some history going back to Black Widow’s time as a Soviet operative. As it happens, Taskmaster controls the Red Room, the same intense and brutal training program which produced Nat and her “sister” Yelena (Florence Pugh). And as the mysterious, masked villain unleashes a new class of Black Widows, will Nat and her ersatz family of spies and Soviet heroes have what it takes to stop him? Well, presuming Taskmaster is a him under the mask.

We’re still of the opinion that Rachel Weisz’s Melina may be the true ringleader in all of this … but then again, it’s such the obvious Marvel style switch that maybe, just maybe, Taskmaster will be someone else. Maybe someone in cahoots with the Ten Rings? It’s time to re-establish that organization, so it would a good pull. Also, we still think this film may be happening in the Soul Space on Vormir just before Cap (Chris Evans) returns the Soul Stone and returning her to conventional life. Now that would be a twist; particularly if they get Evans to do the cameo.
Black Widow comes to theaters on May 1.

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