Preview: Get More Of The Law In ‘Judge Dredd 100 Page Giant’ #1 From IDW

by Olly MacNamee

This could very well be the bargain buy of the week for us comic book fans. 100 pages of Judge Dredd all for $5.99. Including tales from Mega-City One by the likes of Mark Russell, Paul Jenkins, Max Dunbar and more, working on four stories. Plus this one-shot includes a preview of Judge Dredd: False Witness, a new IDW Judge Dredd series from IDW coming later this month from Brandon Easton, Kei Zama, Eva De La Cruz and Shawn Lee. Here’s a preview of this bumper book, out tomorrow, Wed. 11th March from IDW.

Take a trip through the rough streets of Mega-City One with the one-and-only Judge Dredd! Featuring amazing stories from an all-star cast of writers and artists that stretch from the filthy underbelly of Mega-City One to beyond its walls, there’s never been a better place to see what you’ve been missing.

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