Duncan Jones Shares Art Samples That Won Artists The Gig On ‘Moon’ & ‘Mute’ Follow-Up Graphic Novel

by Olly MacNamee

On Monday we were the first comic book website to bring you news on a new graphic novel adaptation of a film script from Duncan Jones. A follow up to his previous sci-fi films, Moon and Mute, MADI: Once Upon a Time in the Future will feature a selection of artists who will each illustrate a different portion of this story he has co-written with Alex de Campi. In fact, it was di Campi who greatly helped Jones convert his unfilled script into a comic book script.
Well, we have the art samples produced by four of the artists involved with this graphic novel, who were asked to pick any part of the script and illustrate it. I think we can all see why they landed the gig, can’t we?
And, as an added extra, here’s some amazing artwork by the one and only Glenn Fabry (above) from pre-production of Mute, which Dark Horse were going to publish at one time, back in 2013. Still, comicdom’s loss, Hollywood’s gain. And, available on Netflix now.
The good news though is that whole we never did get a Mute graphic novel, Fabry will be lending his immense talents to on this new book.

Art by Colleen Doran

Art by André Lima Araújo

Art by PJ Holden

Art by @heythisisangle

Art by Glenn Fabry from teh unpublished Mute GN from Dark Horse

Coming some time in 2020, we’ll be keeping. very close eye on this one.

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