Strong Characters But With Not Much To Do: ‘Castlevania’ Season 3 Reviewed

by Tito W. James


Castlevania has been a breakout series for Netflix. As a mature animated series, a vampire story, and video game adaptation Castlevania is at the top of it’s class. However, with such a strong second season can new heights be reached or is this a show that should have died with Dracula?


Despite having the largest number of episodes the overall plot doesn’t progress in Season 3. Each of the main characters are off on their own soul-searching adventures without interacting with each other.

Here lies the problem for this season, the characters are strong but they simply aren’t given much to do. While there is action the characters aren’t fighting a central antagonist. There’s no unifying goal or a sense that time is running out. Because of this many episodes feel anticlimactic when they could have felt epic.


Hector and Issac continue to steal the show. Hector’s slowly amassing an army of night creatures while engaging in philosophical debates with various people is a highlight of the season culminating in a battle for the ages. The complicated relationship between Isaac and the vampire lady Lenore is a brilliant case of character evolution and mind-bending rhetorical strategy.


Castlevania Season 3 returns with much of the problems I had with season 1. The pacing is inconsistent and the season ends just when things were starting to get interesting. There are some stand out moments but overall season 3 pales in comparison to season 2. Hopefully, the groundwork laid out in this season will yield a more interesting season 4.

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