ECCC 2020 Guests And Exhibitors Go Online To Offer An Alternative Con Experience

by Olly MacNamee

With Emerald City Comic Con cancelled, many fast thinking entrepreneurs out there have decided to organise online and try and recoup some of their losses as well as support on another. That, and offer fans a very different kind of comic con experience altogether. And, with more and more people considering self-isolating over this weekend, it might just catch on.
Here’s your handy guide to ECCC alternatives out there on the web:

If you’re quick you could catch up with the last day of the Very Very Shopping Network over on Twitch, where you can find the following creators across the day from 2pm ET to 8pm ET:
Saturday, March 14th
2PM – POMEmag, Kate Leth, Alex Pelayre + Priello
3PM – DnD CommuniTea, Haley Boros + Jessi Jordan
4PM – Missy Peña , Aimee Steinberger, Bruce Brenneise
5PM – Nero Villagallos O’Reilly, Hye Mardikian, Iris Jay, Shannon Campbell, C4 Labs
6PM – 8PM – d20 Dames Show

Iron Circus Comic have created Pajama Con, running throughout the weekend from midday onwards. Check them out here.

Omni Press are offering 10% discount in their online pop-up store that you can find here.

For me, one of the best sources to find the creators who would have made up ECCC’s Artist Alley is Emerald City Comic Con’s very own link to the Artist Alley Online directory to be found here.
Meanwhile, Dark Horse are offering as much as 50% off titles in their Not @ ECCC Digital Sale (although I couldn’t find the page, so maybe they’ve reneged on this offer?)
As well as these events, many creators with a big online following have also reached out to give less established and indie creators a signal boost too. Here are just a few out there drumming up support for others:

Jody Houser has been supporting many creators over on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Steve Lieber (Jimmy Olsen) who was due to give art portfolio review took to Twitter to offer solid general advice to wannabe comic book artists. If that fits you, why not check out that advice here.
All in all, it’s a great testament to the positivity of the comic book community and it’s ability to come together in these adverse times and make something out of nothing.
Enjoy the weekend and enjoy surfing the net.

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