Something For The Weekend: A Round-Up Of Reviews, Previews And Comic Con Cancellations

by Olly MacNamee

Welcome to your weekend wherever you may find yourself in these worrying times. Over the past week the threat of the coronavirus has been ramped up to pandemic level and that has had a chronic effect on the early leg of this year’s comic con season with ECCC cancelling and now WonderCon and Dublin Comic Con.
In cheerier news, we had a lot of great comic books to shout about this week, covering many different genres illustrating what a broad canvas comics cover in this day and age. Plus, plenty of new announcements too.
Here’s a few nuggets from the past week for you to enjoy at your leisure.

  1. With WonderCon and Dublin Comic Con postponing, we asked wether Reed Pop would cancel next weekend’s MCM Comic Con Birmingham. And finally, on Friday 13th, MCM postponed their show until late June.
  2. Titan Comics Adler #2 by Lavie Tidhar and Paul McCaffrey was a popular preview. Too popular as my local comic book store had already sold out by Wednesday afternoon.
  3. Also this week, we were the first to give you the news on Duncan Jones’s graphic novel adaption of his unfilmed sci-fi follow-up to Moon and Mute. You can read more about MADI: Once Upon a Time in the Future here.
  4. New Batman villain, Punchline, continues to be of interest to readers in our preview of Batman #92 this past week. Check it out here.
  5. Spider-Man is still everyone’s favourite west-slinger. Both of them, with popular reviews of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #16 and Spider-Man Noir #1 by our very own webbed and Senior Editor, James Ferguson.
  6. Dark Horse have a new comic book mini-series baed on the popular The Witcher franchise which was announced this week. Read all about it here.
  7. On the amine front, we had the return of Castlevania to Netflix, reviewed by Tito W James. Here’s what he thought of the new season 3.
  8. We also premiered another new episode of the Deconstructing Comics podcast, which you can listen to here.
  9. New kids on the block, Clover Press, announced their first line-up of books they’ll have coming out over the coming months here, as announced at this year’s San Diego Comic Fest.
  10. Finally, we’ll also throw in one of the most popular previews of last week, and it wasn’t;t a comic from either of the big two. Rather, it was our exclusive first look at BOOM Studios’ The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #7 written by Adam Cesare, illustrated by French Carlomagno, and lettered by Jim Campbell. Check it out here, and enjoy the rest of your day, and the rest of the weekend.


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