Vanguard Con: Vault Comics Launch Their Online Virtual Comic Con

by Olly MacNamee

Now, while there was no sign of Vault Comics launching their ‘virtual con’ last weekend when ECCC 2020 was supposed to take place, it would seem it’s because they were busy in their underground secret bunker hatch a plan. A plan that they are now ready to share with the world. Welcome to Vanguard Con, teased last week on their social media.
Here’s their currently scheduled plans for the coming days:

First, Vault will hold a reddit AMA on the r/comics subreddit tomorrow, Thursday March 19th, from 4:00-5:00pm MST. Fans can ask the Vault team whatever questions they like and get advice on any comics-related topic under the sun.
Then, over the next few days Vault will release a series of special videos from a wide array of Vault creators on their social media channels. Readers are encouraged to follow Vault on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and YouTube to stay up to date.

The videos from Vault creators will include:

BLEED THEM DRY’s Eliot Rahal

ENGINEWARD’s George Mann and Joe Eisma

HEAVY’s Max Bemis & Eryk Donovan

HUNDRED WOLVESMyke Cole and Tony Akins

FINGER GUNSJustin Richards

THE PLOT’s Tim Daniel and Michael Moreci


CULT CLASSIC: CREATURE FEATURE’s Eliot Rahal and John Bivens

BLACK STARS ABOVE’s Lonnie Nadler and Jenna Cha

NO ONE’S ROSE’s Zac Thompson & Emily  
Here’s the first of the videos from Black Stars Above’s Lonnie Nadler and Jenna Cha.

What’s more, they’ve even got their own merchandise to buy online, with a set of t-shirts featuring art from some of their best-selling comic books.

Want more? Then why not check out their Vanguard Con exclusives, with A deluxe, limited edition of Finger Guns #1 Glitter Variant and These Savage Shores Gold Foil top edition.


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