Kickstarting Comics: Tripwire Magazine Relaunch Offers Up Exclusive Interviews With Gillen, Ram V and More

by Olly MacNamee

Direct Market cover by David Michael Beck

Before the internet comic book fans would get much of their news on upcoming releases, interviews and previews you’d probably go out and buy a magazine such as Wizard that dominated the 90s. But, here I the UK we had our own thriving fanzine scene and in amongst those titles was Tripwire that launched in March of 1992 and ran until 2013, by which time it was far more than the hack and slash photocopied zine of the early 90s.

Well, over recent years Tripwire has morphed into an online website covering comic book news, review and more. It’s a site I also used to write for and have find memories of, thanks to the support offered by its Editor-in-Chief and founder, Joel Meadows. The same guy behind the two previously successful years of Portsmouth Comic Con, which has had to be postponed.
As art of this year’s programme, Meadows had hoped to relaunch Tripwire as a magazine, and still intends to bring one out, but without the fanfare that can often accompany such public announcements.

Previewing the Kieron Gillen interview

Currently running as an indiegogo online campaign, thanks to the amount if industry contacts he has accrued over the years, the magazine promises interviews with Kieron Gillen, Ram V, Louise Simonson, as well as features on The Flash and The Joker at 80 and a career retrospective of Neil Gaiman by yours truly.
Up now on indiegogo and available to order by comic book stores and other retailers through Diamond Comics Distributors using the order code: MAR202164.
Do check out the campaign here and see for yourself the varies pledges you can back in supporting this magazine’s relaunch.

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