Preview: Fighting Off The Plague In ‘Hawkman’ #23 Seems Rather Prescient

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Mikel Janin

With an uncanny coincidence Hawkman #23 sees Carter Hall the Plague Doctor, doing his thing in 17th century Europe and walking the deserted streets of Renaissance Europe. All sound a little bit on the nose really, doesn’t it?
Check out your first look at the forthcoming comics due out April 8th (if you can get to a comic book store at all by then). Written by Robert Venditti and illustrated by Marcio Takara and Fernando Pasarin, with covers by Mikel Janin and Gerardo Zaffino.

Cloaked in black and wearing the eerie mask of a hawk, the mysterious Plague Doctor roams 17th century Europe in an attempt to ease the suffering of those who fall victim to the Black Death. But how is the Doctor supposed to help anyone when he’s hated and feared for his unique immunity to the disease? It’s mind versus body as Carter Hall relives his most tragic past life in the last stand to fight off Sky Tyrant’s control over his body for good!
But with a unique immunity to the disease, how is he supposed to help anyone when he’s hated and feared by those that are affected? 

Cover by Gerardo Zaffino


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