The Announced Nindies Coming To Switch From Their Indie World Presentation

by Gary Catig

It’s been a while since the last Nintendo Direct, the online means by which the video game company shares exclusive news and title reveals. However, that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from announcing more games. On Tuesday afternoon (or morning for me), they held an Indie World live stream showcasing all the upcoming ‘Nindies’ that are set to arrive this year. Let’s take a look at them below.
The stream began with the 3-D action adventure, Blue Fire, from Robi Studios and Graffiti Games. There’s some great platforming in the space known as “The Void’. It will be a timed console exclusive out this summer.

Baldo is an action adventure RPG inspired by anime. Players journey through a magic world filled with complex dungeons and puzzles. This open world game with a rich cast of characters is comes from NAPS team and is also a Summer 2020 timed console exclusive.

Annapurna Interactive and Hollow Ponds have developed I Am Dead, a new charming puzzle game taking place on the island of Shelmerston. The main character is a ghost who tries to unravel the island’s mysteries using powers like x-ray vision. It will also be a timed exclusive, releasing later this year.

Next is B.Ark, a 2D side scrolling shooter with couch co-op play. This family focused game provides four different critter companions to choose from; each with their own distinct traits. Along the way, you can upgrade your ship to do even more damage. The title, from Tic Toc Games, is a timed exclusive coming out late 2020.

Fans of the comic strip Cyanide & Happiness can look forward to Freakpocalpyse this summer. This point and click adventure game takes place within the comic universe where players solve puzzles to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

Summer in Mara is a single player adventure by Chibig, with play similar to the Harvest Moon series. Players take care of their own island by farming the land and crafting new tools. They can also make friends with the inhabitants and explore 30 different islands. Also, each day is new with different weather events. It will be a timed exclusive coming this spring and if you act early, there are free in game clothes and backpack to unlock.

For a little more action, there’s Quantum League from Nimble Giant. It is a first-person shooter with a unique time component where you team up with past versions of yourself. The time paradox mechanic allows your teammates to mimic moves and strategies made during previous battles in the arena. What you do now influences what happens later.

White Owl’s The Good Life is a debt repayment RPG. In a picturesque, happy town where the residents turn into dogs or cats, there is a terrible secret. Players assume different roles, each with special skills, in order to solve a murder.

The Last Campfire, from Hello Games, follows a lost ember searching for meaning and a way home. The game is an intimate adventure addressing compassion and empathy and involves puzzle solving. Players can rekindle hope this summer.

PixelJunk Eden is getting a sequel, Pixel Junk Eden 2, this summer in which players guide an inquisitive creature as it tries to save its kind through gardening. Much like the original, it will provide a distinct sensory experience.

Strategy enthusiasts can look forward to Faeria. It is a turn-based, collectible card strategy game in which players not only craft decks, but also the terrain of the battlefield. They can also unlock more cards through the single player or player-versus-player modes. The title will come with four free cosmetic packs and will have the option of in-game purchases.

Eldest Souls is a brutal boss rush battler about slaying gods. The in-depth combat customization and unlockable abilities are critical for fighting success. Look for it in this summer.

After a quick montage of other future games like Blair Witch, Bounty Battle, and Moving Out, the final game featured, Exit the Gungeon, was shown. It is a bullet hell dungeon climber that has hundreds of weapons to choose from and shifting rooms. It was released Wednesday as a timed console exclusive.

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