Art For Art’s Sake # 45: Beauty In Sequential Form

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake, the Comicon weekly round-up of all things comic art, giving you a selection of old and new, famous and not so famous… all with one theme; bloody good art.
Blueberry: Chihuahua Pearl by Charlier and Jean Giraud 

Darwyn Cooke – Parker, The Outfit. Stunning…

Jack DavisTwo-Fisted Tales #34 (1953)

Alex Toth – Green Arrow and Black Canary

Eddie Campbell explains how it’s all done, from After The Snooter

Wonder Woman #750 – ‘From Small Things, Mama’ by Gail Simone, art by Colleen Doran

Mitch Gerads and Evan Shaner… doing great things on Strange Adventures….

Gleb Melnikov – Joker, Harley, and the Bat…

Michel Fiffe – The Sinister Six

The wonderful Kris Anka, the ‘2020′ variant for Captain Marvel #13

Paul Pope – Doom Patrol’s Negative Man

Gene Ha… I love hearing artists talk like this, love hearing them give us the idea of what goes into making their art…

This was the hardest single page I ever drew. Alan Moore was too sick to write much Top 10 for me, so he wrote one page of script of Peregrine getting ready for work while listening to the news. The second page was a top down shot of Peregrine leaving her flying mansion, looking directly down on all of Neopolis. Every inch of the page had to be covered with cityscape. It took me four days working all out to get this finished. By then he’d recovered and had to figure out the rest of the story. It’s widely considered the finest issue of Top 10. Including by me.

Time for another fabulous Brit comic artist now, one I’ve been tracking for many, many years now. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the fabulous Warwick Johnson-Cadwell. He’s been a comic artist for years, but just recently he’s also been heavily involved with the Oscar-nominated Missing Link. Definitely an artist you should check out – website, Twitter, Big Cartel to spend all your $$$$.
As for what he’s done… well, there’s been stints doing Tank Girl, a couple of Hellboy projects with Mike Mignola, Mr. Higgins Comes Home and Our Encounters With Evil, and some beautifully done work of his own. There was also the magnum opus that was Gungle, his long-awaited book for the Brit publisher Blank Slate, which I’m pretty sure we’re never going to see now.
You can read up on our interview about Our Encounters With Evil with Johnson-Cadwell here.




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